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BB #4 Cooking Up a Kiss Paperback

BB #4 Cooking Up a Kiss Paperback

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I want the simple life—which means I’m staying far away from any and all bad boys.

Me and love? We aren’t friends. My ex broke my heart, and I can do without that again, thank you very much. So I’ve chosen as uncomplicated a life as I can find—working as a server at a small-town diner.

Except trouble just walked in, with a capital T.

Preacher, a retired football star, is six glorious feet of incredible good looks and a teasing smile that threatens to derail my plans. He pretends he's a confident playboy, but I can see through the ruse. It's an armor someone who's been hurt wears to protect themselves from more pain. I know it well… I wear a suit of my own.

Despite our instant connection and explosive chemistry—something I may have discovered with a few sort-of-accidental kisses—dating Preacher would mean anything but the life I want, nor does it offer safety. My still-mending heart needs some guarantees.

Even if I can convince Preacher to dismantle his armor, I’m not sure I can ever discard my own. If only falling in love were as innocent and easy as the first time. When I parted ways with romance, I swore there would be no exceptions.

Not even Preacher.

Except, I'm not sure I can face the possibility of a future without him. Can this broken heart bear to lose the man who just might be my forever?

Buy today to find out what happens to Trixie and Preacher in Cooking Up a Kiss.

Trixie and Preacher share some romantic canoodling (gasp!), but there's no buttering the biscuit in this romcom. This sweet, small-town romance will make you laugh, and the chemistry is explosive, but reader blushing is kept to a minimum as Preacher and Trixie find love again.

Fall in love with all the books in the small-town community of Button Blossom, each of which are hilarious, closed-door, sweet romances.

  • Book 1: Lassoed Into Love
  • Book 2: Hankering for Home
  • Book 3: Fixing to Flirt
  • Book 4: Cooking Up a Kiss
  • Book 5: Hogging the Hunk

Main Tropes

  • Small town holiday romance
  • Hidden secret
  • Billionaire romance


She’s still not over her heartbreak. He’s healing from his painful past…but nobody should be lonely for Christmas.

It’s not Piper Woodhull’s first Christmas alone, but living in a small-town where she can’t escape the heartache of her past is its own kind of torture. Seeing her ex-best friend with her perfect family is a reminder of everything Piper almost had, and maybe never will.

Rudger Pierce moved to Holly Wreath looking for a fresh start by leaving his painful past where it belongs. He’s sure it’s ruined his chances for a new relationship, but when he keeps crossing paths with Piper, he finds himself wanting her.

As they spend more time together, they feel they need each other—both to heal from their pasts, and create hope for their futures. Piper believes Rudger might be the one until she discovers a secret of Rudger’s that might be too much to forgive.

★★★Includes Rudger’s secret peach caramel cake recipe at the end of Rudger and Piper’s happily ever after.★★★

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