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BB #5 Hogging the Hunk Paperback

BB #5 Hogging the Hunk Paperback

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My heart’s a mess, but a charming veterinarian might have all the right remedies.

The last place I thought I’d be after becoming a pediatrician is back in my hometown. I was supposed to be traveling the world, running medical clinics for underprivileged children, with a man who should have proposed by now. Instead, he dumped me.

Wait. What?

With my life on hold, I’ve sought refuge running a mobile pediatric clinic. The work is satisfying, and I have a great view of the hunky veterinarian across the street. Milo Fox is arguably the hottest bachelor in a 50-mile radius.

With my heart in tatters, I’m not looking to start anything new, especially with Milo. There are too many roadblocks, from our age gap to his pre-teen daughter, who's convinced I’m out to become her evil stepmother.

It's just, every time I bump into Milo, he inadvertently reminds me how incredible he is. Like when he carries me down a rocky trail after I stupidly twisted my ankle. Milo is hard to keep at arm's length. I won't even go into how legendary his biceps are...

When Greg returns, offering the perfect life I’d planned for, I hesitate. Milo has snagged a piece of my heart, and I'm not sure I can let go. Maybe I want to hog Milo to myself. Maybe forever.

Buy today to find out what happens to Beckett and Milo in Hogging the Hunk.

Beckett and Milo share some red-hot kisses (gasp!), but there's no hanky panky in this romcom. This romantic comedy is sweet, and the chemistry is explosive, but reader blushing is kept to a minimum between this single dad and the woman who inadvertently fills the hole in his heart.

Fall in love with all the books in the small-town community of Button Blossom, each of which are hilarious, closed-door, sweet romances.

  • Book 1: Lassoed Into Love
  • Book 2: Hankering for Home
  • Book 3: Fixing to Flirt
  • Book 4: Cooking Up a Kiss
  • Book 5: Hogging the Hunk

Main Tropes

  • Small town holiday romance
  • Hidden secret
  • Billionaire romance


She’s still not over her heartbreak. He’s healing from his painful past…but nobody should be lonely for Christmas.

It’s not Piper Woodhull’s first Christmas alone, but living in a small-town where she can’t escape the heartache of her past is its own kind of torture. Seeing her ex-best friend with her perfect family is a reminder of everything Piper almost had, and maybe never will.

Rudger Pierce moved to Holly Wreath looking for a fresh start by leaving his painful past where it belongs. He’s sure it’s ruined his chances for a new relationship, but when he keeps crossing paths with Piper, he finds himself wanting her.

As they spend more time together, they feel they need each other—both to heal from their pasts, and create hope for their futures. Piper believes Rudger might be the one until she discovers a secret of Rudger’s that might be too much to forgive.

★★★Includes Rudger’s secret peach caramel cake recipe at the end of Rudger and Piper’s happily ever after.★★★

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