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#B3 The Billionaire Needs a Kiss

#B3 The Billionaire Needs a Kiss

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Love is a luxury even a billionaire can't afford.

To Hugh, appearances are everything--and he's gotten really good at hiding his loneliness. So when Sabrina comes back into his life, a divorced single mom with a daughter, he intends to keep her at arm's length to protect his heart. 

But soon it's clear that Hugh's heart won't be safe for long. 

For fans of sweet second-chance single-parent billionaire romances. 

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Main Tropes

  • Divorced, single mom
  • Second chance romance
  • Billionaire romance


They were friends, but they were almost something so much more.

Hugh knows appearances are everything. He's handsome, always has a charming smile, and is the life of every party. It's all a ruse, though. He hides his loneliness behind his fabulous life and to cope, he cushions his heart by keeping everyone at arm's length.

A divorced, single mom who has to work multiple jobs is a far cry from the comfortable life Sabrina thought she'd be living. While working at a party, she runs into Hugh, an old crush who disappeared right after he broke her heart. It's easy for her to see right through his act and though Sabrina would have loved to turn down his offer to work for him, she needs the paycheck.

Sabrina tries to focus on work, but Hugh's kindness is hard to resist. It doesn't help that her daughter instantly takes a liking to him. It would have been easy to surrender her heart to Hugh, but when her guard is down, she's reminded there's no such thing as happily ever after.

Wanting nothing more than to love and be loved, it might be a luxury they can't afford.

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