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BB #1 Lassoed into Love

BB #1 Lassoed into Love

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Parker Bingham, hottest actor in Hollywood, is my new neighbor. Even more amazing, he wants to help out on my farm, but I know something he clearly doesn't:

We were friends once, and he's forgotten all of it.

Now every time Parker points his devastating smile in my direction, the shaky walls protecting my heart start to crumble for a second time.

Main Tropes

  • Celebrity Romance
  • Second Chance
  • Romantic Comedy


It isn’t easy being adored by the hunky Hollywood bachelor who's my new neighbor.

Okay, sure, that part might be easy. But, I never asked for the celebrity next door to keep coming around, offering to help me on my farm. He can keep his winning smiles to himself and quit trying to make me laugh, because there’s one little problem:

We were best friends once, and he doesn’t even remember.

Now he’s shoveling things I don’t want to shovel and working shirtless under the hot sun while I’m very much not looking. Though he’s kind and funny and everything I’ve ever wanted, I keep reminding myself that I can make this farming thing work without Mr. Amazing Abs.

Alright, I admit it. I looked! (He's Parker Bingham. You’d look too).

I can’t pretend anymore. Not while I’m in danger of falling harder than ever. He’s already forgotten me once, but I eventually recovered. Mostly. This time? Being forgotten could shatter me completely.

So now I have a choice to make. Should I give the guy a second chance or protect my heart and kick him to the curb for good?

★★★★★ I am so excited to
have found another great author! This story was a sweet, easy-breezy clean read. There are some incidents where the character get into some super embarrassing situations, they didn't give me second hand embarrassment, which is always a good thing. They just made me laugh. ~ Reviewer

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