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BB #3 Fixing to Flirt

BB #3 Fixing to Flirt

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I’m better with a hammer and nails than with men.

But when I’m hired to fix Deputy Clint Grange’s crumbling house, I discover he's more than the cop who gave me a ticket.

In fact, I'm starting to realize something very new. We've built something stronger than a house and it's up to me to help him see it.

Main Tropes

  • Small town romance
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Clean and Wholesome


My new remodeling client is about to get the upgrade of his life.

It isn’t every day I arrive at a worksite to find my new client is the deputy who gave me a traffic ticket the day before. It is fairly normal for people to be taken aback when they find a petite redhead in overalls on their doorstep, ready to renovate their house.

That'd be me, and it's so awkward. Every. Single. Time.

Whatever. I'll show Clint by virtue of my work ethic and skills that I'm the right woman for the job. Of course, if a fortune cookie paper predicting that we'd fall in love didn't slip out of the air duct, we could have kept everything professional. Pride is apparently a stumbling block for both of us because we swore up and down we wouldn't be the first to cave to our emotions.

So sure we bet on it.

Did I mention I'm working for Clint? He may be utterly and unbelievably attractive but he's still a client, which means a big, fat NO from me.

I do everything to ignore him staring when he doesn’t think I’m paying attention, or the way he tries to protect me, even though I don't need his help. And then there are the long conversations where he reveals that under his steely exterior, there's a sweet and thoughtful man. Clint is everything I want in a guy—minus the traffic ticket, of course.

NOPE. No matter what that fortune says, I’m not falling for Clint. Even a girl in overalls has her pride.

Now if I can just convince my stubborn heart.

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