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BB #4 Cooking Up a Kiss

BB #4 Cooking Up a Kiss

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I was only being neighborly. Totally didn't mean to kiss him.

Yeah, self-control. Not my strongest virtue.

But in my defense, Preacher is six glorious feet of incredible good looks and a past that he hides behind a teasing smile.

I can’t let it mean anything.

I can’t let myself fall again because we've both been hurt before.

Main Tropes

  • Romantic Comedy
  • Celebrity Romance
  • Small-town Romance


I want the simple life—which means I’m staying far away from any and all bad boys.

Me and love? We aren’t friends. My ex broke my heart, and I can do without that again, thank you very much. So I’ve chosen as uncomplicated a life as I can find—working as a server at a small-town diner.

Except trouble just walked in, with a capital T.

Preacher, a retired football star, is six glorious feet of incredible good looks and a teasing smile that threatens to derail my plans. He pretends he's a confident playboy, but I can see through the ruse. It's an armor someone who's been hurt wears to protect themselves from more pain. I know it well… I wear a suit of my own.

Despite our instant connection and explosive chemistry—something I may have discovered with a few sort-of-accidental kisses—dating Preacher would mean anything but the life I want, nor does it offer safety. My still-mending heart needs some guarantees.

Even if I can convince Preacher to dismantle his armor, I’m not sure I can ever discard my own. If only falling in love were as innocent and easy as the first time. When I parted ways with romance, I swore there would be no exceptions.

Not even Preacher.

Except, I'm not sure I can face the possibility of a future without him. Can this broken heart bear to lose the man who just might be my forever?

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