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BB #5 Hogging the Hunk

BB #5 Hogging the Hunk

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I'm supposed to be traveling with my fiancé right now.

Instead, I'm thoroughly dumped and back in my hometown, trying to put back together the pieces of my life.

I don't mind helping the town, and I really don't mind the view of the veterinary clinic across the street.

Especially when its owner, Dr. "Foxy" (not kidding) makes an appearance…

Main Tropes

  • Age gap romance
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Small-town romance


My heart’s a mess, but a charming veterinarian might have all the right remedies.

The last place I thought I’d be after becoming a pediatrician is back in my hometown. I was supposed to be traveling the world, running medical clinics for underprivileged children, with a man who should have proposed by now. Instead, he dumped me.

Wait. What?

With my life on hold, I’ve sought refuge running a mobile pediatric clinic. The work is satisfying, and I have a great view of the hunky veterinarian across the street. Milo Fox is arguably the hottest bachelor in a 50-mile radius.

With my heart in tatters, I’m not looking to start anything new, especially with Milo. There are too many roadblocks, from our age gap to his pre-teen daughter, who's convinced I’m out to become her evil stepmother.

It's just, every time I bump into Milo, he inadvertently reminds me how incredible he is. Like when he carries me down a rocky trail after I stupidly twisted my ankle. Milo is hard to keep at arm's length. I won't even go into how legendary his biceps are...

When Greg returns, offering the perfect life I’d planned for, I hesitate. Milo has snagged a piece of my heart, and I'm not sure I can let go. Maybe I want to hog Milo to myself. Maybe forever.

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