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#C3 Christmas Wishes in Holly Wreath

#C3 Christmas Wishes in Holly Wreath

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*Exclusive special edition cover!*

When Will Ryan visits home for the holidays, he doesn't expect to see his little sister's best friend once again--so he's completely unprepared to find that Katie’s grown into the kind of woman he thought didn't exist anymore. 

As they explore a new relationship that neither saw coming and their feelings deepen, a new visitor comes to town and complicates everything. Will's ex. 

As their lives collide and the holiday magic starts to fade, can they overcome their differences to find a new future together? 

For fans of sweet sister's best friend small-town billionaire romance. 

Main Tropes

  • Small-town holiday romance
  • Sister's best friend
  • Billionaire romance


She’s happy with small town life. He left without ever looking back. A visit home for Christmas just might change his mind.

Katie Holloway is content in Holly Wreath, the only place that's ever called home. The only downside? The dating pool is drying up. When her best friend's older brother comes back to town, she decides this Christmas, there's no better time to finally let him know she's had a crush on him since grade school.

Though Will Ryan plans on getting in and out of Holly Wreath quickly, he reconsiders when he sees his little sister's best friend for the first time in a long time. Katie’s grown into the kind of woman he thought didn't exist anymore.

Will isn't in such a hurry to leave and Katie is hoping her Christmas wish comes true, but the unexpected arrival of Will's ex complicates things. Choices have to be made, and neither of them want to spend the holiday with heartache.

★★★ Includes Will's sugar cream pie recipe at the end of Katie and Will's happily ever after!★★★

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