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F#1 When a Star Falls

F#1 When a Star Falls

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I accidentally tripped a hot guy and it changed my life.

Did I mean to tumble across the grass with him? Not exactly.

But somehow that tumble turned into a date with him, ending in a seriously incredible kiss. Now I have to choose between him and my new career, the one I've dreamed of absolutely forever…

Main Tropes

  • Awkward Heroine
  • Fame and fortune
  • Romantic Comedy


How many ways can I embarrass myself in front of a cute guy? Turns out, a lot.

I wish I could say tripping a hot guy and tumbling across the grass with him was the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s not. Somehow, it turned into a date with him, ending with a seriously incredible kiss.

I’d say that was a pretty good recovery.

Especially since that date with Collin led to me being discovered by a record label powerhouse. Whoa. An amazing boyfriend, and becoming music’s next big thing?

Yes, please!

I thought I was ready for fame, but I’m not so sure. Collin’s career is taking off at the same time as mine, and I swear his personal assistant is making gaga eyes at him.

Over my dead body!

Except she’s conniving enough that she would stab me in the back.

Turns out, stardom isn’t all glamorous. I just wish I didn’t have to choose between Collin and making a name for myself.

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