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F#6 Falling for the Star

F#6 Falling for the Star

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I got tossed into a pool by a hot singer, and now everyone thinks we're dating.

And I'm kinda okay with that, except for one thing…

I want our fake dating to be real.

Main Tropes

  • Celebrity romance
  • Bad Boy Hero
  • Fake Dating


Plans are meant to be trashed.

I pride myself on being in command of my life. Maybe it’s become slightly control freak-level, but I prefer predictability. So, when an unfortunate photo surfaces of me with Tad Fisher, the music industry’s favorite bad boy, it screws up my carefully calculated plans.

I am not Tad’s girlfriend and the only thing crazier would be pretending that I am.

Sometimes, drastic measures have to be taken to restore order.

What does Tad get out of all of it? I’m the key to repairing his image. Dating a good girl might help sales of his sappy love songs, but not if he’s dead first for tossing me in the pool. I was still in my sundress, for crying out loud!

Okay, in all fairness, I probably deserved it.

I have millions of reasons why being with Tad shouldn’t work, but his killer smile and big heart cancel all of them. That mind-blowingly incredible kiss might have something to do with it, too. Sure, we could slip into the friendzone when this is all over, but what if I toss out my plans and risk the unknown by allowing myself to love Tad?

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