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F#7 Wish on a Star

F#7 Wish on a Star

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I have one job and cowpies, chafed thighs, and a mechanical bull will not stop me...

Convince Tyson, my ex-fiancé, to sign a contract and become the music industry’s next big thing.

He’d be idiotic not to accept, but instead he turns me down, claiming he wants the simple life--but I know he just wants to watch me squirm.

It’s because I left him high and dry once before.

Revenge is a dirty business.

Main Tropes

  • Second Chance Romance
  • Country Music Star
  • Romantic Comedy


Fame and fortune should be good enough for him.

I swore never to return to Texas, but my boss insisted I go scout out the next big music talent. I’d argue, but then someone might find out I grew up in a place that was the definition of unsophisticated. Boo. So when I find myself in a backwood, honky-tonk bar, all I want to do is get out of there before someone recognizes me.

Of course, my ex-fiancé had to saunter through the door, and right as he took the stage, he totally saw me tip out of my chair.

I will never live that down.

All I have to do is convince Tyson to take the offer he’d be idiotic not to accept. What does he do? He turns me down. He claims he wants the simple life and being a superstar isn’t even on his radar, but he just wants to watch me squirm. It might have something to do with me leaving him high and dry.

Revenge is a dirty business.

Cowpies, chafed thighs, and a mechanical bull will not stop me from getting what I came to get. When Tyson signs the contract, I’m leaving Texas with no strings attached. The problem? Tyson’s made it clear he wants my heart and this time, he’s playing for keeps.

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