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Fools for Love Rom-com Bundle

Fools for Love Rom-com Bundle

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When you pepper spray a hot guy claiming to be your bodyguard...and it turns out he was telling the truth. 

Or you accidentally (sort of) set your cheating ex's car on fire and find a fake boyfriend to make him jealous, but it backfires in a big way. 

Or you go to a bar to scout for musical talent and your ex-fiancé takes the stage...and you literally fall off your chair in shock. Which, of course, he sees front and center. 

Fall in love again and again with the hilarious Fools for Love celebrity romantic comedy series! For a limited time, bundle the entire series and get three of the books free. This Bundle and Save deal isn't available anywhere else. 

***Please note the Fools for Love RomCom Bundle is also part of the Ultimate RomCom Bundle***

Main Tropes

  • Celebrity romance
  • Rock star romance
  • Sweet & clean


The complete, seven-book collection of sweet celebrity romantic comedies
  • When a Star Falls
  • How a Star Shines
  • See a Star Rise
  • Shoot for the Stars
  • Written in the Stars
  • Falling for the Star
  • Wish on a Star
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