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Fools for Love Rom-Com Paperback Bundle

Fools for Love Rom-Com Paperback Bundle

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When you pepper spray a hot guy claiming to be your bodyguard...and it turns out he was telling the truth. 

Or you accidentally (sort of) set your cheating ex's car on fire and find a fake boyfriend to make him jealous, but it backfires in a big way. 

Or you go to a bar to scout for musical talent and your ex-fiancé takes the stage...and you literally fall off your chair in shock. Which, of course, he sees front and center. 

Fall in love again and again with the hilarious Fools for Love celebrity romantic comedy series! For a limited time, bundle the entire series and get three of the books free. This Bundle and Save deal isn't available anywhere else. 

Please note the Fools for Love RomCom Bundle is also part of the Ultimate RomCom Bundle

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Main Tropes

  • Second-chance romance
  • Sweet & clean
  • Billionaire romance


The complete, five-book collection of sweet, second chance romances from the To Love a Billionaire series.
  • The Billionaire Needs a Wife: Luke is given a marriage ultimatum, which, if he refuses, will result in losing the charity he built with his father. When his ex, Lauren, breezes back into his life, he sees an opportunity to marry for love. But will Lauren believe his intentions?
  • The Billionaire Needs a Date: Sawyer didn’t make the best first impression with Kelsea, so when he begs her to bid on him in a bachelor charity auction, she insists he show her a good time to repay her favor. What Sawyer didn’t expect was how fast Kelsea could steal his heart. When reminded they live in two very different worlds, Sawyer and Kelsea realize their love might be impossible.
  • The Billionaire Needs a Kiss: Hugh and Sabrina once were best friends, but their falling out obliterated their relationship. Bumping into each other when she’s down on her luck, Hugh offers Sabrina a job. She insists they keep things professional, but when Hugh disarms her with his kindness and she lets her guard down, she’s reminded there’s no such thing as happily ever after.
  • The Billionaire Needs a Life: Fletcher thought his childhood enemy, Gemma, was crazy when she introduced him as her fiancé, except there’s something he can gain from the ruse, too. He wants Gemma to accompany him to a family reunion to convince everyone that they’re madly in love. The problem? When it’s over, they might not want the feelings to end.
  • The Billionaire Needs a Gift: There’s nothing worse than falling for the competition, so when Emily discovers Clive is also vying for the same veterinarian practice she is, Emily protects her heart with a brick wall of professionalism. Clive could let his feelings for Emily remain in the past, except his love for her is impossible to deny. But, if one of them doesn’t concede their claim to the vet business, there might not be a future for them.
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